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Messier Goodies

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Observing Aids,






  • Kenneth Glyn Jones. Messier’s Nebulae and Star Clusters.

    Sky Publishing 1968, 2nd ed 19XX. 427p. A great handbook and resource !

    Contains introduction

    to historical and astronomical background together with data, historic and

    newer descriptions with a finder chart, drawing, and photo (in appendix)

    for each object, plus biographical and historical material on Messier and

    the other discoverers and early researchers of the Messier objects.

  • John Mallas and Everitt Kreimer.

    The Messier Album. Sky Publishing 1978

    Messier biography (by Owen Gingerich), reprint of Messier’s original

    catalog (in French), descriptions for each object (but M102) with finder

    chart, drawing (from 4″) and b/w photo (12 1/2″). Messier object chart of

    the Heavens, check list, color photos of some

    (1,4,5,[6-7-8-22-28-54-69-70 field],7,8,8/20/21,10,13,

    [8-16-17-18-20-21-22-23-24-25-28 field],16,17,20,27,31/32/110,33,35,37,

    38,42/43,45,46,51,57,62,65/66/N3628,80,81/82,97,101,104). viii+248 p.

    Sky Publishing # 46042

  • Hans Vehrenberg.

    Atlas of Deep Sky Splendors. Vehrenberg+Sky Publishing

    1st ed 196X, 4th edition 198X. Original title: `Mein Messier-Buch

    (My Messier Book). Schmidt photo charts of all Messier and many other Deep

    Sky objects in same scale, partially color, descriptions, some with photos

    from observatories. 242 p.

  • Don Machholz.

    Messier Marathon Observer’s Guide — Handbook and Atlas.

    Make Wood Products, P.O.Box 1716, Colfax, CA 95713 (USA). Interesting stuff

    on Charles Messier, his comets, his catalog including discussion of

    “nebulous” (missing, stellar, and the star cloud) and “add-on” objects,

    a catalog, finder charts, plus proposed Marathon. 97 p.

    Also available from

    Sky Publishing # 46050.

Observing Aids


  • The Messier Objects, poster (24×36).

    Sky Publishing # S0066

  • Messier Mug, 15 1/2-ounce ceramic cup with Messier catalog printed.

    MindMatter Publishing, P.O. Box 1599, Soquel, CA 95073-1599.


    [email protected]

    (Phone: +1-408-479-7359, Fax: -7180)


  • 35 mm slide set of all 110 Messier objects.

    Actually, several such would be fine: professional + amateurs

    but I still miss some slides at all yet.

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